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Antivirus or Entomology

July 17th, 2007 by Charles Gardner

We’ll put this post squarely in the category of rants, but I just have to go there today.

One of my running pet peeves of the last year or two is the schism between antivirus and antimalware products. Frankly when antivirus vendors came out with antimalware products, I fully expected them to get folded back into the AV products themselves. In some cases it has, but in too many it has not.

What does it tell you about a vendor that releases an antimalware product separate from their antivirus? Well you can draw many conclusions, but the one that jumped out at me initially is this: The vendor just admitted that their antivirus won’t catch all the bugs you might expect it to catch, and rather than add that functionality to keep their AV current, fresh, and relevant, they’ll be tapping your wallet again. Correct me if I am wrong here, but isn’t a virus a type of malware? Shouldn’t one cover the other?

Now today I saw this Dark Reading piece: Symantec Unveils Anti-Botware. Yep, that’s an anti-bot app. Huh? There has got to be entomologists that are green with envy at the ability to slice bugs up into so many categories.

This should be a no-brainer. By the time you have a bot on your system, it’s over. Done. Fin. Game Over. Hasta la vista, baby. Wipe & reinstall. No excuses, no exceptions, no kidding. And shouldn’t the antivirus/antimalware crowd be taking care of the inbound pathways the bots use?

Maybe I’m just cranky. What do you think?


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