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How Not To Expose Root in Sendmail

May 23rd, 2009

Quick note:

When you do domain masquerading with sendmail, root is exempted from that by default.  No big deal unless the host name of your system is not actually registered in DNS.  I have a couple VMs that don’t need outside access or DNS registrations, but I’d like to receive their cron output cleanly.

This is a rather easy fix.  In most sendmail .mc files you will find the DOMAIN(generic) statement.  This refers to loading the generic.m4 file which includes a default statement to expose root without masquerading — EXPOSED_USER(`root’).  Copy the generic.m4 to mycustom.m4 and remove the EXPOSED_USER line.  Go to your .mc file and change the DOMAIN(generic) to DOMAIN(mycustom) and rebuild your file.


Copy Virtual Machines on VMWare Server 2

May 12th, 2009

This is a simple note to capture process.

  • On the VMWare server, copy the guest’s directory to a new name.
    • cp -ax /vm/srv1 /vm/srv2
  • Rename the vmdk disk image
    • cd /vm/srv2
    • vmware-vdiskmanager -n srv1.vmdk srv2.vmdk
  • Rename the other files
    • mv srv1.* srv2.*
  • Open the VM configuration and change the names there
    • vi srv2.vmx
    • :%s/srv1/srv2/
  • In the VMWare host’s web console, use the Add Virtual Machine to Inventory to add the new VM.